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MAY 3, 2024

Vulnerable Pre-Session Announcement

We look forward to our next session on May 16-17 where we will explore caring for the vulnerable and how this impacts leadership, culture, and relationships.

This session’s luminary speaker is Mary Anne Graf, president and founder of Health Care Innovations. Mary Anne is known for her passion for improving health care; her ability to connect the disparate dots of clinical care, business development, finance, and marketing; and a sense of humor and perspective. She will speak on personal and communal vulnerability and how this relates to caring for our dear neighbor. 

We will also hear from Anthony Herrington, executive director of Community Health Engagement, Theresa Vithayathil Edmonson, vice president of Spiritual Health and Nick Kockler, vice president of Ethics Services.

Ahead of the session, please spend 1-2 hours reviewing the pre-work to prepare for our time together.

We look forward to our continued and shared journey in self-discovery, sensory-rich Mission-centered leadership formation.  

MARCH 31, 2024

Dignity Post-Session

Dear Caregivers,

Thank you for attending our Dignity session and for all the ways you live the mission in your daily work. Your active participation creates a dynamic pilgrimage which benefits you, your local pod, and our entire Mission Leadership team.

Please provide your feedback through this survey. E-portfolios are due on March 29 only for those participants who are registered to receive education credits through University of Providence or are in the Discerning Mission Leader program. If you do not fall into one of those two categories, we encourage you to continue creating your e-portfolio, but you no longer need to submit it. 

You can find the video recordings and important materials, including the Ethical and Religious Directives, on the Mission Leadership Institute website

Please contact your pod leadership team or Crystal Hasan with any questions or assistance.

We look forward to our continued and shared journey in self-discovery, sensory-rich Mission-centered leadership formation.  

Martin Schrieber

VP, Mission Leadership Institute

JANUARY 23, 2024

Whole Person Post Session Announcement

What a first session! Carolyn Woo shared the wisdom of her own lived experience to illustrate how we might increase both our capacity for ourselves as well as our capacity for others. We expanded our sense of taste, finding a balance between flavors, similar to leadership styles. We are still thinking about those celery seeds. Locally, you explored the difference between purpose and being purposeful. And during the in-between, you made local connections and built community.

Companions and Dialogue Partner Groups:

Emails will be sent this week introducing your dialogue group or your companion. For the first e-portfolio chapter on Whole Person you do not need to include a summary of your conversation.  

Missed Session?

Recordings and slides of the session can be found on the Whole Person session page, located here. Please review the session materials and submit your e-portfolio by the due date listed below.

University of Providence:

Our academic partners are hoping to gather information from those enrolled and those who chose not to enroll in the academic certificate option for the Mission Leadership Academy.  Your input in important and the survey is brief. Thank you!

Looking for a Previous Announcement?

You can find a list of all announcements on this page.

Thank you for your companionship in this journey towards whole-person, Mission-centered leadership!

JANUARY 2, 2024

Whole Person Pre-Session Announcement

As one year ends and another begins, we wish you a year of greater intentionality, with a focus on wellbeing and coming together with others.

To prepare for the session, please visit the Whole Person session page and explore the information within the Whole Person session, including our luminary speakers and sense experience. In addition, you will find:

  • Course syllabus
  • Session pre-work to complete by January 17th, 2024
  • E-portfolio chapter, due January 26th, 2024

A Peek into our Whole Person Session

A highlight of our time together will be the presence of Carolyn Woo, Ph.D., retired CEO of Catholic Relief Services and former Dean of Notre Dame University’s Mendoza College of Business. Carolyn will speak to the importance of embracing leadership with your whole self. This includes developing a sense of awareness, curiosity and authenticity.

Companions and Dialogue Partner Groups

Discerning Mission Leaders will be paired with a companion for deeper conversations and activities to integrate session learnings in relation to leadership practices. In mid-January, you will be notified of your companion. Please schedule your first 60-minute conversation to begin in February and continue every month throughout the cohort.

Mission Leadership Academy participants will be grouped into Dialogue Groups. These conversations will foster a deeper understanding and integration of session learnings. In mid-January, you will be introduced to your group facilitator, alumnus from cohort one, and fellow group members. The group facilitator will schedule the first 60-minute group conversations beginning in February and continue every other month throughout the cohort.

Thank you for your companionship in this journey towards whole-person, Mission-centered leadership!

OCTOBER 2, 2023

Welcome to the Mission Leadership Institute!

Congratulations on your appointment to the Mission Leadership Academy and Discerning Mission Leader programs!This announcement provides you with several points to ease your way into the journey.

Please bookmark the Sessions home page. While this page is on the Mission Leadership Institute website, we do not display this section publicly. This means that you can only access it directly via this page.

The Session home page contains the following information

  • Announcements: We will send a pre and post session announcement via email. In addition to the email, the announcements will also be listed here.
  • Notice of Absence link: Attendance is taken during each session. If you know you will miss one of the sessions, please complete a notice of planned absence form. The information will be shared with your pod leaders, ahead of the session.
  • University of Providence link: For those who selected a University of Providence certificate, you can use this link to access your login.
  • Sessions: Access to each session page will open three weeks prior to the session date.  Please note, the launch session does not include many of the below components.
    • The syllabus: Please be sure to click on the syllabus that corresponds with the certificate you selected.
    • The schedule
    • Information on the speaker
    • Information on the sensory focus
    • Session Prework: This section includes videos, articles, and podcasts curated especially for the session theme. Please spend some time ahead of each session, reviewing this material.
    • E-Portfolio Inspiration: Here you will find two options for e-portfolio inspiration. Please include one in your e-portfolio chapter.
    • PlaylistEnjoy this inspiring, whole-person playlist created specifically for the Mission Leadership Institute by renowned music director, John Jeter.

The public Mission Leadership Institute website includes a few helpful resource links:

  • LinkedIn: Connect with us! We share articles, videos, and podcasts on leadership, information on upcoming luminaries, and pictures of our sessions.
  • Apple Podcasts: The Providence Walk With Me podcast includes conversations with the most advanced thinkers in the country to help unpack all that we carry with us on this journey in leadership.


A Peek into our November Launch Session:

Our morning will begin with a welcome and reflection from Dougal Hewitt, System Chief Mission and Sponsorship Officer. Dougal will explore what reflection integration is and how we will be using this practice throughout our journey.

Rod Hochman, MD, president and CEO, Mary Lyons, board member, and Martin Schreiber, vice president of the Mission Leadership Institute, will discuss the purpose of the Mission Leadership Institute and why you were selected. They will also share information about what you can expect on this journey.

We will hear our founding stories from leaders across our family of organizations, including Sr. Barbara Schamber, SP, Sr. Mary Beth Ingham, CSJ, Elizabeth Wako, MD, and Travis Funk.

Gretchen Rubin, founder of the Happiness Project and author of the Life in Five Senses, will share insights and practical suggestions on how we can heighten our senses and use our powers of perception to live fuller, richer lives—and, ultimately, how to move through the world with more vitality and love.

Next, we will hear from Martin Schreiber and Nancy Jordan, Chief Mission Officer for PCN and University of Providence liaison. Martin will introduce our team and Nancy will share information on the e-portfolio.

We will then close our time together as a large group and you will move into a separate virtual meeting where you will be introduced to your local pod.

Welcome to this whole-person, Mission-centered leadership journey!​​​​​​​​​​​​​


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